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 Update Log

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PostSubject: Update Log   Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:49 am

*= Started on
*= Implemented

*Character Selection has been fixed.
*Trade & Party Requests.


*Character appearance & actions should now be working in the map.
*Drop pickup disconnection.
*Pink Bean Prequests (50% done)
*Character Chat disconnection.
*Created a New Script Database (to work on future implementations.)
*Timeless Equipment has been implemented.
*Started coding in GPQ.
*Character Expressions.
*Many Cash Shop items.
*Map disconnections.
*Portals should now take you to the desired map.
*Enhanced the loading speed within the client.
*Client Updates should now be functional.
*Potions should now heal the amount of HP/MP it is suppose to heal.
*More Staff commands has been implemented.
*Character Login Screen should now be fixed.
*Map Bugs which causes characters to crash and disconnect & can't login properly has been fixed.


* Item ID codes;all items should correspond correctly.
* Zakum & Horntail Spawning issues
* Custom Job is in the works.
* Error Code 38 (should be fixed).
* Staff has finally decided on what players should start with, we've evaluated the level of "toughness" in game based on the items we've chosed.
* Implemented "PIC" & everyone should be able to reset their PICS with no issues.
* [Accurate] Autoban System is now 50% done.
* Working on Pink Bean Boss & Prequests along with the maps.


* 40% [Accurate] Auto Ban System.
* on SlenderPQ! Screenshots will be given soon.
* Login Error Codes.
* Item bugs not replicating it's own ID.
* A prevention for banned users from accessing the game.
* Certain commands.
* Shop item value.
* Staff Commands.
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Update Log
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